CNN app notifications and emails

CNN emails

You may receive CNN newsletter emails at your account email address. You can subscribe or unsubscribe from these newsletters in Settings. Here's how:

  1. Log into your account at, then choose My Account, then Settings.
  2. In the Newsletters section, you can subscribe or unsubscribe:
    • Subscribe: Choose Browse all newsletters. When you browse there's a description of each newsletter along with the frequency (weekly or daily). Choose Subscribe for the newsletters you're interested in.
    • Unsubscribe: Choose Unsubscribe below a newsletter.

App notifications

You may see notifications on your phone or tablet for CNN news stories.

You can turn notifications on or off for different topics, like Breaking News, Climate Crisis, or US Politics. Here's how:

  • Open the CNN app on your phone or tablet, tap the Profile or Settings icon (lower right), and then tap Alerts.

To change your CNN app notification settings on your device (e.g. sound or vibration), do this:

  • Android: In the CNN app, tap the Settings icon and then choose Android Notification Settings.
  • iOS: Open the Settings app, tap Notifications and then tap CNN. Here you can customize your CNN app notifications.

For more info, go to Notifications on Android or Notifications on iOS.